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Newest Loot


Level 14


Damage: 310
Accuracy: 94.9
Fire Rate: 0.8
Reload Speed: 4.6
Magazine Size: 14


Level 41


Damage: 2437
Accuracy: 92.9
Fire Rate: 12.5
Reload Speed: 2.0
Magazine Size: 14


Level 25



Damage: 260x14
Accuracy: 35.2
Fire Rate: 1.1
Reload Speed: 2.6
Magazine Size: 7
Corrosive Dmg/Sec: 169.8
Chance to corrode: 8.0%


Level 32


Capacity: 6169
Recharge Rate: 650
Recharge Delay: 3.37
Max Health: -1311


Level 46


Class Requirement: Gunzerker:
Team Bullet Regeneration: +1.9

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